Easter Egg Math Hunt

I don’t usually do a lot for Easter in the classroom. I will, of course, incorporate some books that involve Easter, such as “There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Chick” but that’s about it. The Old Lady books are always a hit no matter the occasion. I realized last year that I did not have an fun and engaging activity for my students to incorporate Easter. That’s where the idea for my Easter Egg Math Hunt came about. (Click image below to go to the product page on Teachers Pay Teachers). Set up is super easy. First you will need some plastic eggs. Let me tell you a secret: I buy mine on clearance after Easter and get them super cheap… like 20 cents cheap. However, you can also get them at Dollar Tree and they’re only $1. The Easter Egg Math Hunt packet comes with addition and subtraction facts within 20 and adding 3 single digit numbers. The packet also comes with a recording sheet. First thing you need to do is print and cut apart all the number sentences and put them into the eggs.

Next thing to do is hide them all over the playground or in your classroom. I tell my students not to collect the eggs. They are to leave them where they find them. They just have to crack open the egg, write the number sentence onto their recording sheet, and solve.

However, you do you baby! I number my eggs using a permanent marker from 1 to 24. This way the students can ask a friend if they are having trouble locating an egg.

Then send your students off to hunt for their eggs. My students had so much fun doing this activity last year. They talked about it for the rest of the afternoon.

Click here to go to my Teachers Pay Teachers store to purchase this low prep, fun, and engaging activity.

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