Teacher Tip Tuesday: Ways to Use Extra Worksheets

Do you have extra copies of worksheets or activities that you ran out of time to complete? I have a really bad habit of over planning. It is something I am working on, I promise!

I always seem to end the week with a few extra worksheets, activities, interactive notebook pages, or games. Instead of throwing them away or using them as scratch paper, I save them. They are great to use for when you have to be out and you have a sub. It makes it easier for the sub because they are usually skills we have already practiced and do not require a lot of explaining from the sub.

I also save them for the end of the school year when you are needing easy and quick time fillers. It’s easy to grab a few of them to use. At my school, we have to have our rooms packed up on the last day of school so it’s nice to be able to have these extras on hand.

I store them in a magazine holder I bought from the Target dollar spot last year. You can find plastic ones at the Dollar Tree, too. Using this magazine holder helps keep them from piling up and taking up space on my desk. The holder also holds quite a bit of them. I have one on each side that I use as bookends. They not only hold all my extra copies but they hold up all the binders. Plus, they keep everything clean looking. A big plus for me!

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